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Journalism - Paper

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Journalism is a field of work that requires an individual to balance the ethical aspects of invading another person’s privacy with getting the information they need to cover a specific story. It is becoming increasingly common to find out what a certain celebrity has said or done yesterday in today’s newspaper and magazine tabloids. Our society has become so fixated in watching and reading about others, that sometimes we forget that celebrities should have some privacy of their own. Stories in the headlines can range from what a certain celebrity orders from a fast food restaurant to information concerning a divorce settlement between a couple. Every solitary move a famous individual makes in his or her life is documented in a photograph, editorial, or headline on a TV show dedicated to exposing their life. If famous celebrities cannot receive any amount of privacy, why should individuals like ourselves be guaranteed that our personal lives are not exposed to the world? Should not all human beings be able to keep certain aspects of their life personal? Journalists and photographers should realize that celebrities are human beings that would like to keep certain parts of their lives to themselves, and not have their lives consumed with photographs and editorials devoted to exposing all details of their life, good or bad.
Although numerous individuals think that being famous means being in the public eye on a daily basis, people do not understand how far some photographers and journalists will go to get a juicy story. Being famous does come with life altering changes that celebrities have to learn to accept no matter how drastic. Celebrities start to become familiar with people watching their every move from the minute they wake up to the time they will go back to bed. Journalists and photographers will literally stalk famous individuals down to simply get a juicy story or photograph that they can write about in the next editorial. Photographers seem to be the worst...


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