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Blogging Tips

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So according to the rules for blogging:

1. Content: Dunno, man. I am not sure what had you been expecting and maybe you think of me as some kind of amateur Well I am an amateur but a smart one. Look there aren't any shortcuts and nothing has ever been obtained without hard work. You need to produce content on a regular bases. Now there is something that most people do not know about or they do not understand which is that you don't have to write for all the people on the net. Rather, write only for a small number. Why is this so? Well because the internet community is made up of huge number of people. So even if you are targeting a small portion of it you are actually targeting a large number of people. And everything I tell you is about numbers. You got a decent number of people visiting your blog you got a good following and excellent reputation.

I too am a Newbie with no followers or people visiting my blog. But this is what I am doing. I am creating a blog post for writing a blog. And people who would be interested in blogging will visit my site to check it out and maybe they will like it too. And if they are generous than they would leave me a comment as well.

Oh no man! I am not yet finished with content. This content should be relevant to the people you are targeting. Look you can't just write crap and expect people to like it. And unlike the celebrities who get followers for being celebrities you will have to earn your following. People would not pay attention to you if you write stupid things.

Besides this you need to be very precise in your blog posts. There is no way people are going to read them if you only confuse them. It would be just as looking at an image which has been completely blurred and all you can make out are the colours. It will put enormous amount of pressure on your readers and they would only stop reading mid-way. You need to exactly know what you are talking about.

2. Say no to Personal stuff: Look one needs to...


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