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How Love in Our Culture Is Expressed Through Dance

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Throughout history society has shown many signs of love through dance. Amazingly for many years expressing one's feelings has been done through art, poetry, music, or dance. Out of all of the expressions of love, men and women seem to find great expressions through the art of dance.
The different dances in our culture shows different expressions of love. "Castle and Irene Vernon, husband-and-wife team of exhibition ballroom dancers." The husband-and-wife were very popular in the early 1900's. People admired the style and grace of the couple, but most of all how they were able to express so much love and compassion for one another out on the dance floor (Encarta). Ballroom dancing is still the most popular dance for lovers in our culture. At a wedding the husband-and-wife after taking there vowels, will proceed with a reception to celebrate the rest of there lives together and one of the most important events of the reception is the first ballroom dance by the husband-and-wife. People in our culture associate dancing with having fun and letting loose, but dancing is still associated for people meeting one another. High school students are able to take a male or female that they may be interested out to a school dance. This gives them a chance to know one another. For the ages of 20-50 years old, men and women go out to night clubs, social events, and parties. This is another way for a person to meet people and for them to be one on one with a suitor. The proper way for the suitor to meet is by having a dance.
There are dances like the salsa, modern dancing, belly dancing, ballet, and many other dances that show love, passion and seduction in our culture. Our society has become very influenced by the dances of today and yesterday. Love can be expressed in many ways but, dance shows art, since of style, and sometimes closeness. That can not be expressed through words, therefore it is easier to express something so complex through movement, style, and grace.


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