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Young Generation

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The Young Generation is angry

Disorderly behaviour of young people is the hottest topic for parents, teachers and psychiatrists all over the world today. The rebellious and violent behaviour of young people is not something new. Since the advent of 21st century, it has seen a cataclysmic change in the attitudes and reactions of teenagers. Homes, streets, public places and schools, which used to bustle with young people with hope, Love, exuberance, animal spirits, fair competition and bravery have now become an arena of mania, craze, vandalism and disorder. It seems as if the dream world of young people has been invaded by some brute monster.

Over reacting to everything is the hallmark of every youth today. Somehow or the other, they can not pause and think, reason and rationalize, calm and control, and stop and smile. In a fraction of a second, they can do irreparable damage to others, their own families and, above all, to themselves. They are hyperactive and find everything repulsive and hateful. They can explode at nothing. They move at a cut throat speed but achieve nothing worthwhile. Even parents are their enemies. Advice and guidance they do not need and do not seek and, quite naturally, their first awakening to their desperate deeds is a big bang. They stop after a devastating crash. Maya Angelou, An American writer says:

Bitterness is like cancer. It eats upon the host. But anger is like fire. It burns all clean.

The great Romen poet Virgil Says:

Why such great anger in those heavenly minds?

Anger has no eyes. This is what another great philosopher says.


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