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School children are becoming far too dependent on computers.This is having an alarming effect on reading and writing skills.Teachers need to avoid using computers in the classroom at all costs and go back to teaching basic study skills.
Do you agree or disagree?

Computers,the productions of modern science development,are largely influencing student's abilities of reading and writing when they indulged in computer using.Although computers do exert some negative impacts on school children,it not means that teachers should give up the advanced tools in schooling.

Those students who have inferior foundations complain that they lacked of time to make notes when teachers used Power Point in normal classes.However,since we have computers,teaching efficiency boosts extremly fast compared with past periods.As a education tool,moreover,computers include flashes and colorful words,which vivify the atmosphere in classes.Further more,because of electronic versions can send and copy,students shortage of time to making notes is not an excuse any more.In this way,students can easily accept knowledges and review it anytime and anywhere.

On the other hand,in the traditional study module:teachers write emphasis on the blackboard and students copy it on the notebooks or textbooks as follow.Even though this   may improve people's handwriting to some extent,society's needs for those people who control the computer well are even higher.Typing and using softwares skillfully can help a student to acquire a superb career in the future.So the earlier get to know modern technologies,the greater prospect they may possess.In this respect,teachers using computers in their classes is reasonable.

On the whole,computers exert a lot of positive influences in schooling.Rather than holding it back,I deem that making good use of it can considerably improve education standards.


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