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My Rich Green Hill

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A few years ago when my dad was killed in a car accident, I realized that I needed a special place to be alone. Having somewhere to collect my thoughts proved to be the greatest sanctuary. Everyone longs for a special place to escape from the world, whether it be in happy times or sad times. My personal special place is a clearing at the top of a small hill in the field near my home. This small, yet extremely vast spot compares to no other place.
This place appeals to many of my senses. Picturing it, I see the immense field and the deep green grass surrounding me. On a sunny day, the sky is bright blue and the clouds are fluffy and white. It seems that no matter what the weather is like, there is always a soothing breeze. During the day, it smells of honeysuckle and the sounds of birds chirping above. Nighttime, however, is my favorite time. Sparkly stars light up the sky and the moon casts down a soft glow. Trees stand behind me and way across the field, and a small canyon nearby cuts through the hills. A old, tall light pole towers above me. This area is large, but so perfectly enclosed that I feel comfortable and not so accessible to the world.
My father's death took a long time to move past. As I grow older and new difficulties arrive, I know I have somewhere to retract and think. I hope you do too.


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