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The Many Forms of Environmental Pollution

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We are always interacting with environment. The environment in which we live which include all natural surroundings, such as air, water, land, climate, oxygen, plants and animals. We and the environment are both affected and changed by this interaction. Ex. We need water to live, so if water becomes polluted, we can’t live. Pollution is addition of harmful or harmful substances to air, land or water that result in making them dirty or no longer pure.
More than 70% of our planet is water. Water is the habitat many species living in rivers, seas and oceans. Water becomes polluted when large amounts of chemical substances are spilled in them. Then it becomes useless. Ex. Some countries do not have enough water cleaning plants so they throw polluted water into rivers, lakes or seas. We can decrease water pollution by: (i) checking vehicles that carry oil to make sure there are no cracks. (ii)Waste from factories must be treated before being dumped into rivers.
What happens to the juice box after you drink the juice? Many of the things we buy comes in packages that we usually do not need and get rid of them after we have used up the contents. Many tons of garbage is produced every day. That garbage is taken to land fills away from the city. With the time they become full and produce poisonous gases that pollute the air and may also pollute nearby streams and rivers. So in order to save the environment we must recycle things and then use recycled things. So we should be trying to save the environment!
Air is what we breathe. It contains oxygen which we need to breathe. Air is useless when harmful gases are added to it. Then it causes diseases to human beings and effect crops. It may also change global climate. Ex. The exhaust smoke from factories and all motor vehicles that use fossil fuels to operate and releases harmful gases. We can decrease air pollution by: (i) using special filter in the factories to lower the amount of harmful gases before sending...


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