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Discuss the Major Factors Which Must Be Considered When Assessing a Child

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Discuss the major factors which must be considered when assessing a child

Counselling involves the process of helping people through gathering of information about a counsellee. Through relationship building the counselling process is able to progress, and the counsellor elicits information from the client through use of special counselling techniques which range from listening, questioning techniques, reflecting, clarification techniques, to mention a few. In utilising these techniques the counsellor is able to gain a better understanding of the client and their problems and formulate a working plan for the counselling process. Although rapport building may be easier with adults and some older children, it may not be that simple when dealing with children of a younger age, who often have limitations in communication skills/vocabulary or even children with disabilities.   When counselling children one may need to make use of counselling techniques such as play therapy. This technique involves more observation and less interaction on the counsellor's part.   As the counsellor allows the child to fully express themselves through play without control and by so doing the relationship develops.

Effective gathering of information will be beneficial in the long term especially for evaluation of effectiveness of counselling. Sometimes in-depth information of a child’s behavioral patterns and capabilities is required and that information can be obtained through psychological testing. Assessments are frequently carried out in various arrears in our society by specialised professionals such as medical Doctors or psychologist /psychiatrists, and trained counsellors and teaching staff.   It is of essence to note that it maybe rare in Zimbabwe for the majority of black Zimbabweans to voluntarily take their children for assessment test, maybe among the white locals who have the means. Parents may take their children for assessment tests owing to learning...


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