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What Is the Difference Between Human-Being and Animal?

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What is the difference between human-being and animal? Human can develop an advanced civilization. In fact, the main reason of it is that we have a complicated brain which able us to have the ability to learn and invent new technology quickly. We can create machines and computers that help us to do work more efficiently. Even the most complex animals do not have this feature. The only tool you will likely to see an animal using is a stick or a rock. And even they look clumsy to handle with it. However, we create language, math, music, art…etc. it shows creativity is one of the main point the makes the difference between human and animals.
Human also have a special feature, a sense of guilt, which no other animals have. We all have a basic sense of right and wrong and good and evil. We have a feeling of sin if we kill others. But for animals, they just kill purely to eat, or to defend themselves. They never think if it is right. “Thinking of the future” is also a special feature that only human has. Other animals do not think about afterlife. They just live in the “now”. However, we spend a lot of time to think about the future. We think about ourselves and how we relate to life. We think what happen when we die.
Although it seems we are much advantageous than animals, they also act important in the ecosystem. Animals play a key role in balancing the ecosystem. If they are extinct, it is the greatest threat to human-being as they provide food for every human-being. Without them, there will have insufficient food supply. Many people will die of starvation. Besides, animals are the main food resource for most people. We can get different nutrient from animals. For example, protein is essential for human. It is important for the growth and repair of body tissues. Almost all body structure consists of protein. We need to get several kinds of protein (amino acid). Some amino acid cannot be produced by human body, we can only get them from diet and animals are great...


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