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Wbssc Question -Answer 2007 (Hons/Pg)

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2007 SSC ENGLISH (HONS./PG)   HELD ON: 20/1/2008
1. What is Sidney’s ultimate realization in “Loving in Truth” ?
Answer: Sidney comes to realize ultimately that his true inspiration lies in his heart. It is by seeking inspiration from his spontaneous feeling that he can write effective verse to please his ladylove. [Courtsey: K.N.Dutta]
2. Bring out the allusion in the line “But the world would turn to coal”.
Answer: In this line there is an allusion to the destruction of the earth on the Day of Judgement or Doomsday, when God destroys sin and punish all sinners by burning out all existing things and creatures. Herbert has excellently made use of this biblical event in order to emphasize the sense of utter destructibility of the whole world in stark contrast to a virtuous soul.
[Courtsey: A. Bhattacharya]
3. Would you regard Rape of the Lock as a ‘triumph of the mock heroic’ ? Give reasons for your answer.
Answer: The Rape of the Lock is the masterpiece of the mock-heroic because Pope wonderfully succeeds here in presenting a trifling theme (the sniffing off of a lady’s lock of hair) in a heroic setting, with the usual epic devices and conventions, such as the invocation, the proposition, the machinery, the description of the battle and the journey and so on. [Courtsey: K.N.Dutta]
4. Briefly discuss the various stages in Wordsworth’s response to Nature.
Answer: Tintern Abbey gives a memorable expression to the various stages of Wordsworth’s response to Nature. The first stage was as Hudson puts it so nicely, “Simple a healthy boy’s delight in freedom and open air”. The first stage was succeeded by the stage of sensuous delight. Third and last stage may be termed the stage of contemplation (i.e. spiritual perception). [Courtsey: M.N.Siinha]
5. Mention the most remarkable feature of the ‘pleasure dome’ as depicted in Kubla Khan.
Answer: The most remarkable feature of the ‘pleasure dome’ of Kubla Khan as described in the first part of the poem is its sunny...


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