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Mandatory Attendance Policy as a Negative Impact

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Mandatory Attendance Policy as a Negative Impact

The question as to whether or not attendance should be mandatory remains unanswered throughout many universities in North America. A mandatory attendance policy would not guarantee academic success for all students. Promoting mandatory attendance discourages independent thinking, self-discipline and overrides their freedom. It is unrealistic to assume all students can attend every class and have the same learning styles. Lastly, mandatory attendance takes away from the learning environment in classrooms. As adults and independent thinkers, university students should have the option as to whether or not they attend class.

Attending university is supposed to signify a new found freedom to make important choices regarding education. Allowing optional attendance should not be regarded as encouragement of irresponsibility but rather as an opportunity for students to realize that succeeding academically requires more than just attending lectures. If a mandatory attendance policy were to be imposed, this entire idea would be demolished.   The transition from high school to university symbolizes adulthood, and as adults students attain the freedom to make their own decisions in regards to attending classes. From this, students gain the skill to both manage and prioritize their time. Academic success will not be found through mandating attendance, but rather through giving students the opportunity to make their own decisions. If a student is required by a higher authority to attend class, does that promote or discourage self-discipline? This policy encourages the control of one individual over another, rather than self-discipline. It teaches students that if attendance is important in the future, someone will mandate it. Success in school will be attained by students only through trial and error using their own judgment, not through being mandated to go to class. Mandatory attendance discourages independent thinking....


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