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Religion for Teens

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Letter to Parents on Unit 1 Jesus Christ the Way
Dear Parents, Your young adolescents are beginning their study of Unit 1, Jesus Christ the Way. As they look to Jesus, who called disciples to follow him, they will be reminded of their baptismal call to follow Jesus in all that they do. Through prayer and study, they will come to know Jesus and the WAY he would have them walk. These joys should be yours once more, for your children are striving to set out again. This time it is not legs and feet that are becoming proficient and striving for independence; it is minds and wills. Young adolescents are beginning to think for themselves. This is a normal part of growth. As young people develop, they turn to every area of their lives, searching, questioning, and trying to make their own decision to respond positively to the faith of their baptism. As they struggle toward independence, young people need parental love, acceptance, and encouragement more than ever. They need these signs of love even more when they are clumsy and bungling than when they are successful. They want and need parents who will set limits and only gradually widen the horizons. Adolescents want and need mature adults who themselves are on the WAY to the Father. They want adults who will admit to the lifelong struggle of the journey, but who have found deep peace and happiness in walking the WAY of Christ with him and his people.

Looking to Jesus
Jesus is the perfect model for any parent. As you thoughtfully read the Gospels, be especially alert to the interaction between Jesus and his disciples. You will find that Jesus used many skills for helping people come to maturity. He himself led them along the WAY to the Father. Let us look at one incident recorded in Luke 22:24–27. A dispute arose among the apostles about who was the greatest. Jesus listened, recognizing their attitude as quite the opposite of what he was he seeking to teach. He did not get upset with them....


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