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Personal Safe

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Personal Safety
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What to do if you do become a victim? »
10 easy steps to avoid being a victim of a Snatch-Theft! & What to do if you do become a victim?
Did you know that there are estimated 1,200 cases of snatch-theft reported every month in Malaysia!!
10 easy steps to avoid being a victim of a Snatch-Theft!
& What to do if you do become a victim?
- based on multiple police reports and real incidents:
They usually move in pairs on 150cc motorcycles (those middle size bikes). The thieves are usually teenagers but not always.
Prime snatch-theft areas: College, universities, offices and shop-lot areas

1. SUSPECT every oncoming motorcyclist whether from behind or front to be a snatch-thief! Better safe than sorry.
2. Females are usually the victims of snatch-thief so be extra cautious with whatever you are carrying. Males are known to be victims too so don’t let your guard down. (Ladies: try not to carry your purse & mobile phone in your hands while walking) (Guys: always walk with and let your wife/girl friend walk on the inside and you on the outside, snatch-thief’s do think twice when they see a man around)
3. Always walk FACING oncoming traffic. A snatch thief will usually come from behind you when you are not looking.
4. NEVER carry your bags/stuffs towards the outside of the road
5. DO NOT answer your mobile phone while walking, if you must answer; walk as far away from the road and stay put while talking, always facing towards the road
6. If you have to take a walk in a prime snatch thief area, do not carry too much stuff! Leave it in your car/office/home.
7. Wherever you are walking to, try to walk off the main road and onto walk paths or through playgrounds and etc where motorized vehicle cannot go through
8. While having a meal in a restaurant or mamak (especially mamaks), DO NOT leave your...


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