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Analysis of the Story “the Gold Bug”

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2.General character of style:
            The work is written in subjective style with elements of colloquial speech.

3.The functional style:
The functional style of the story can be described as fiction with elements of suspense and stream of consciousness

4.The genre:
The genre, the author wrote in, is a short story. Subgenre: mystery with elements of   detective short

5.The form of the story:
The form of the story is represented by the narration with a lot of dialogs and descriptions.

6.The type of narration:
The story is the 1st person narration with an external narrator
The narrator is subjective.

7.The setting of the story:
What concerns about the setting of the story, on the one hand, it is hidden and the reader can only guess the century and the year, using some details and hints.
It is possible to state that the story takes plays in the middle of the 18th century because of this quotation:

“The winters in the latitude of Sullivan's Island are seldom very severe, and in the fall of the year it is a rare event indeed when a fire is considered necessary. About the middle of October, 18—, there occurred, however, a day of remarkable chilliness.”

and because some author’s biographical facts show it.

On the other hand the place where the actions take place is obvious. “The action takes place in South Carolina on Sullivan's Island and on the mainland, near Charleston. At one end of the island is Fort Moultrie, a real-life military outpost constructed to protect Charleston.”  

The main actions take place in Legrand’s house and somewhere in the island.

8.The plot:
The story “The Gold Bug” opens with the exposition where Edgar Poe describes the situation with the main character – William Legrand and the place where the story takes place. In the beginning of the text we can see the full description of Sullivan’s Island.
Then goes narrative hook when Legrand and the author meet each other and make the friendship.
Then the...


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