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1. This episode of friends is when Monica gets a tan and looks really good on her, later on Ross wanted to get a tan so he did but it went all wrong, he got sprayed on one side and didn’t know when to turn to get the other side sprayed. So one side was really tanned and the other was his original colour.
2. I am going to talk about the elements of drama, the explorative strategies and drama mediums.
Elements Of Drama...
1. Here are the main characters.   Rachel= funny     Ross= funny, weird     Phoebe=weird     Joey= hilarious     Chandler= funny     Monica= funny.
2. These characters react the same around each other because they have known each other for a very long time, which explains why the programme is called “Friends”.
3.   The character I enjoyed most was Joey because I think he is the funniest character in this programme and makes the whole of the episodes funny and interesting.
1. There weren’t any symbols really.
1. The tempo/pace changed throughout the performance when every time the scene changed the performance will change and it done that very effectively.
2. It was used to make the performance look professional and not messy.
1. The atmosphere that was created was bright it was like this so it made the episode more joyful and funnier.
2. There were no spotlights used.
3. The lighting is important because you need light to see what is going on and most importantly enjoy what you’re watching.
4. There were not any special lighting affects like spotlights or splashing lights.
1. Every time they played music was when the scene changed or when they moved location e.g. go different places.
2. They played music in the scene where ross turns to get his tan done but gets it all wrong.
3. The mood of the music played in this episode is pumping because it has got loud instruments.
1. The performance was set in 2003.
2. The costumes they wear are extremely old...


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