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A Rose for Emily 10

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1301-063           Professor Al Osborn M.A. (English) M.A. (Bicultural Studies)                 10.17.11
“A Rose for Emily”
Emily Grieson was a woman with a tragic life story. Through the story of A Rose for Emily, William Faulkner makes symbolic references of Emily’s appearance. Through Emily’s life transitions and mental disintegration her appearance becomes dilapidated. Judith Fetterley, a feminist writer, also mentions the effects of the time period and what is expected of a woman on Emily’s appearance, in her interpretation of the story. In an interview with William Faulkner he also describes the pressure of the time period on Emily.
A Rose for Emily tells of family history of insanity. Her father was an overbearing man. The Grierson’s held themselves in higher regard than they were worthy of. When Emily was of age, her father would not let any man court her. She was described as a slender woman dressed in white when she was a young woman ready for marriage.
Emily shows signs of a mental collapse when her father passed away. She left his body in her house for three days and did not show any sign of grief. The town people did not question her mental capacity because her father was very controlling of her life. Faulkner tells the thoughts of the town people. They did not say she was crazy then, and they believed she had to do that. They remembered all the young men her father had driven away and knew that with nothing left, she would have to cling to that which robbed her, as people will. Emily was sick for a long time after her father’s death. She cut her hair short, making her look like a little girl. She was described as looking tragic, yet serene. She was actually thinner than usual.
Emily meets Homer Barron and has a romantic relationship. The town people all whisper their opinions of Emily throughout their courtship. They whisper things like, “Poor
Emily.” The town people all believed that Emily should get married. Emily...


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