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15th October 2010
Venkat Goyal called up today. He got the niumber from the   CSI list. He has been organising an ECMO conference.;lkdjsflkjsdflkjsdfkjasdf;kjhifdioulkjasdaf;lkjsdfg;
19th october 2010
It was a dull day today. The patient who came for the stress test was an elderly gentleman   but extremely non-communicable. jjhkjkjjkjjkjjkjkjkjkljkjkjjkjdskjksdkjksdjksdkjsdkjasdflkjk

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my name is satej janorkar my name is satej janorkar my name is saatej janorkar my name is
21st November 2010
Today is Sunday. It is in mind. The day doesn't make much difference at all. The journey of thoughts does. I woke up groggy. In   fact I could not sleep well last night. The patient who
was operated a few days ago was not doing well over last couple of days. It was acute infective endocarditis and acute aoratic regurgitation. in fact, patient had been symptomatic since June but a couple of Cardiologist did not advise him accordingly. The underplaying   the seriousness of his condition costed him dearly. He was admitted to DMH a few weeks ago under an Infection consultant. I happened to see him as a cross-consultation. His aortic ual

21st December 2010

I woke up at 5.15 as   usual. In fact I broke my sleep much before that in anticipation of alarm going off but it is an inbuilt rule that is desired to be left alone. So unless alarm

28th July 2011
It is a rainy season as usual. It is wet everywhere. The weather is gloomy and dull. Or is it the mind?   Well that always is debatable.
I called Vaman Khadilkar to tell him that Eesha was not willing to take growth hormone injection daily. He appeared very sympathetic. He said our hands were tied. I asked about the alternative. He promptly told about Clonidine but also added that there were no sideeffects. He also mentioned that 50 mcg tablet should be...


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