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Comunicating with Aliens

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We live in a world were communication is key and without our ability to converse or speak. We wouldn’t be unable to get very far without it, and yet there is one form of communication we have no even began to explore. And this form of communication is with aliens... it makes you wonder as you sit there. What could be out there...?
There has always been one thing that has never ceased to bug me and that is why is it that we never see African guy sitting their during an interview explaining how he was abducted... because quite frankly I would watch that. But oh no it’s always some guy from guy from Oklahoma or west consin or some equally desolate area in America. What is it about the land of the star spangled banner that ET and co. Find so appealing
I want equality, people! that’s all I ask. I just want to say that it’s not just those backward states that received extra terrestrial attention. The day that I can see Sipho Radebe stand up and say I was sucked onto a ship and I was violated by little green men that can only be compared to a cross between the smurfs   and sick version of the tele-tubies, then that is the day that I will be happy
Not that I wish unnecessary probing and misfortune on our fellow countrymen, but I want equality. It’s time that we see crop circles in Bloemfontein or flying saucers in PE. I just hope that we as South Africans can be seen as the go to place when it comes to people from other planets. After all they are basically tourists.
What is this boy saying you ask yourself in alarm? “communication” thats what I am saying, it’s time to flaunt our country for its worth and let those aliens know that there’s more than one way to pronounce ketchup, or that cowboy hats and boots are not fashion and should be reserved for nothing more than Halloween dress up ideas. It’s time to prove our worth and it’s time to promote South Africa.


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