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Read week one and week two outlines


9.In what ways did indigenous peoples respond to European incursions and with what results?  Use specific examples from at least two different regions to  illustrate your points.


·         By 1890’s, French establish oppressive colonial system
·         In order to fight against colonial system peasants come together and raise up
·         Marxist Ho Chi Minh sees their power and with them leads the fight against French colonizers.
·         Violent insurrection, guerilla warfare
·         Modeled along Confucius views.
·         Ho Chi Minh promises presents:
o   Education
o   Higher wages
o   Land reform
·         1941 – Japan invades Vietnam, Vietnamese communists effectively attack invaders, Japans withdraws – Vietnam seen as heroes.
·         August 19, 1945 -  August Revolution
o   Revolutionaries successfully seize power of what will later be made the capitol of independent Vietnam (Hanoi)
·         September 2 1945 – Ho Chi Minh proclaims the Democratic Republic of Vietnam.
·         1946 – Bombardment of Haiphong – massacres committed by French forces in Hanoi.
·         December 9th – 1946: Ho Chi Minh declares war against the French Union – leads to Indochina war
·         In 1954, after defeating the French Union, France was forced to give up its empire in Indochina.

South Africa
·         1910 – Union of South Africa (Dutch colonists)
·         Racist Dutch allowed to make policies that favored white supremacy
o   Black Africans denied all rights
o   Forbade workers to strike + be in the military
·         1913 – Native Land Act: 8% of South African land set aside for African use, rest of land left for Africanors which accounted for 20% of the population
o   Strict eviction policy
·         This oppression led to a rise in colonist aggression ; workers coming together
·         1912 –...


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