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Tragedy - Is It Murder?

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Alexis Spikes
English 1301- Meche  
9 December, 2011
Is it murder? Are we trying to violate the personal right of U.S citizens? Abortion is a very emotional subject to speak about, but there are many views to it. What is abortion? An abortion is the removal of an embryo or fetus from the uterus in order to end a pregnancy (Trupin). I personally believe that abortion is personally your choice up until the 7th week of your pregnancy. I know people say its murder and it’s all wrong but every individual has their own right. Many people think lowly and look down on supporters of abortion. According to Tom Head, supporters of abortion rights argue that the embryo or fetus is not a person, or at least that the government has no right to ban abortion unless it can be proven that the embryo or fetus is a person. On the other hand, people against abortion rights argue that the embryo or fetus is a person. People often use their religious beliefs to go against abortion.(T.Head)
Abortions have been performed for many years. Before the abortion pill and process were available, there were long list of mixtures abort a fetus. Surgical abortions were also available but due to no anesthetic or antibiotic they were painful and sometimes deadly. In many countries abortion was legal until the fetus was in its quickening stage and the mother was able to feel it move.   In 1820 abortion began to find its way to the U.S (Schnall).This took a toll because society had been divided among the ones for it and the ones who were against it.   In the same year Connecticut was the first state to prohibit abortion. Although there were many states that had laws against abortion, the rate went from one abortion every thirty births in 1840 to one abortion every five or six pregnancies in the late 1960(Jones). Court records state that abortion has been legal in every U.S. state since 1973, when the Supreme Court ruled in Roe v. Wade, that women have the right to make medical...


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