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The Story of Joseph:

Alexandria Hawkins
Mrs. Larez
September 29

Hawkins 1
      When we read stories Bible characters it is often easy to forget that the they were normal people just like us. They are not heroes of faith because they were perfect and blameless human beings, but because they chose to follow God while facing incredible pressure to do otherwise. The story of Joseph is an extraordinary example of a person who commits to living a Godly life regardless of the circumstances or hardship he faced. It is contained in Genesis chapter 37-50, and every situation he faces it teaches us something about his Godly character. The most important trait that is recognized throughout the story is forgiveness. Joseph's forgiveness of his brothers led to rapprochement of his family.
      Joseph a young man of seventeen was hated by his brothers. For he had been born to Jacob in his old age, and he made a richly ornamented robe for Joseph. When his brothers saw that their father loved Joseph more than any of them they decided to kill him and cruelly throw him into a pit. Not only was he thrown into a pit but they went even further and sold him into slavery to the Midianite merchants for twenty shackles. Joseph must have felt that everything that he had known his father, brothers, and home had been torn away from him, and he was forced into slavery in a foreign land (Genesis 37:1-36). We are told that in the land of Egypt Joseph was hated, tempted, betrayed, tested, lied about, and imprisoned for many years.   But because of his humble heart God showed mercy to Joseph, and made him the second highest position in the massive Egyptian empire. As years go by there is a seven year famine in all other lands, but the whole land of Egypt there was food. The paucity of food created Joseph's ten

      Hawkins 2
      brothers to beg him for food, but little did they know it was they brother Joseph. Then Joseph could no longer control himself and reveled to his...


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