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Tv No Good

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Do you watch a lot of tv? Do you skip going outside to watch tv? Did you know that watching tv can cause you to be obese. Both “Trouble with television” and “Negative affects of tv” talk about how tv is bad for you. People in America should watch less tv. This essay you are reading will tell you that watching tv is not good for you. Also tv will cause you to be illiterate.

Watching tv may cause you to be obese in some cases. In America more and more kids getting obese. Obesity can lead to early death, heart attack, and diabetes. “2.6% of the population of the U.S.A were obese in 2007”. “If people were moving for four and a half hours everyday, chances are they will be a lot thinner.” Both of these examples show that tv can lead to obesity and other harmful affects.

When you too much tv it may cause illiteracy. In America there are so many kids failing school. We need school to make money, without money we cant buy a house or a car. In the article “Negative affects   of tv” it said “ a poll preformed by the associated press in August 2007 reported one-quarter of all Americans did not read a book that year.” In the article “Trouble With Tv” it said “one study estimates that some 30 million adults in America are functionally illiterate.” These 2 examples show that tv is not good for out mental system.

But some people think that tv is good for you. In the article “Tv can be good for you” it says “evan as it baby sits electronically , the tv can be teaching both modes of learning and facts, other studies suggest, and keeping those who watch it from engaging in more distractive behaviors.” This argument is weak because in the story “Trouble with television” it says “ televisions variety becomes a narcotic, not a stimulus.”

To began with tv is not goof for you. Furthermore it may make you obese. In addition to all this it makes you illiterate. While some people think that tv is goof for. Thats not true because its a weak argument. Based on all these facts...


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