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Boris Yeltsin was born on February 1; 1931.He lived near the Ural mountains and lived on a farm. He was the oldest of six children. He was also very smart, but a little bit of a troublemaker, and to prove my point he robbed a artillery church took a grenade into a forest and blew off two fingers on his left hand. He was also on the volleyball team during school and when they traveled he was a traveling hobo for two months.
After high school he went to Ural state university and majored in construction. And of course after collage his first job was as a construction worker like his father. And in 1963 he became a chief engineer, and ten years later he was a secretary of the regional committee in charge of the regions industrial development. He once was also the mayor of Moscow.
After all of that he joined the communist party as their secretary in 1976, and in 1987 he was kicked out from his post because he was critizing Gorbachev`s reforms as bad and plain. In 1989 he joined USSR’s supreme parliament. In 1991 Yeltsin made history by being the first democratically elected president, and was now Gorbachev`s chief liberal opponent.
He lived in Russia his whole life which is why when you think of Yeltsin you think of the largest country in the world .Even though Yeltsin was attacked by his Russian people after making a speech critizing communism. And in 1993 tanks killed more than 140 people and the Russians blamed it on Yeltsin, but it was really them. So you know now that you can trust the Russians.
I still can’t believe he was president of Russia. Mostly because he was an alcoholic and had two heart attacks, and personally I think he was crazy. And I’m sure that all the Russian’s were so sad when he retired December 31, 1999 saying “   Russia most enter the new millennium with new Politians”. Like Vladimir Putin, because that’s who took his place. Alas he sadly died 2007 of heart failure.


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