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Is Lottery a Good Idea?

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Persuasive Essay: Is Lottery a Good Idea?

Hayden Rasberry

Did you know that 40% of lottery players are unemployed? Lotteries should be taken out of all retail locations. Lotteries are a tax for the poor, enforce winning with no earning, and are an addictive form of behaviour. Lotteries have become too large a part of our society; we have to make them stop.
The first reason lotteries are damaging is that the lottery is very much a tax for the poor. The poor demographic spends 9% of their much-needed pay to buy lottery tickets. The reason for this unreasonable spending is the hope for something better than what they have. Many people see it as just two dollars for a million dollars, but tickets add up. An average poor household spends 645 dollars on lottery tickets a year! Some people start to believe that lotteries are their only chance to get out of financial troubles, which relates to the next issue about lotteries: the public thinking they can win without earning their money.
Lotteries cater to lazy people because they make many people believe that they can win without earning the money. This discourages young and old from finding a job or working harder at their job to move higher. So in the long run, lotteries can take out hard working people that the world needs. Also lotteries teach people to make unwise decisions. The odds of winning a lottery are around 1 in 54 million. Who, thinking logically, would take a chance like that? But many people do and that’s why lotteries have become so successful and can be found almost everywhere in the world. This large problem also relates to the next issue, the addictiveness of lotteries.
Addictiveness may play the biggest role in lotteries. Who doesn’t want to keep trying at something when you think you’re so close to winning? But the large percentage of the population, in reality, is very far from winning. Lottery tickets are made to have a combination close to the winning combination with one or two...


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