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The Kidnapping of Jaycee Lee Digard

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Amelia Cunningham
Legal Writing/Research
August 05,2011

The Kidnapping of Jaycee Lee Dugard
On June 10, 1991 a young girl named Jaycee was at her bus stop waiting to got o school.   At this time she was eleven years old.   As she waited for her bus a strange car pulled up and a man and woman got out of the car and snatched Jaycee up.   Her father got on a bike and tried to catch up to the car but was not successful and they got away.   The cops were called immediately but she was not found, in fact she remained missing for more than eighteen years.   There were many leads but they all turned up dry.
On August 25, 2009 a convicted sex offender named Phillip Garrido visited the campus at US Berkeley with two young girls.   Their behavior at that time was so bizarre that it got people’s attention and Phillip and the two girls were led to a parole office along with a fifty-four year old women named Nancy Garrido.   Nancy and Phillip were arrested for kidnapping about 10 years earlier which they pled guilty to but were out now.   The Garrido’s had kept Jaycee in a tent in the back yard for eighteen years along with the two children Jaycee bore.   Phillip had been sexually abusing Jaycee from the time she was kid napped all the way up till she was found.
Before Jaycee was kidnapped a young girl from California named Katherine Callaway was kidnapped by Phillip, he also sexually assaulted her.   He was arrested and sentenced to 50 years but was released in 1988.
While Jaycee was being held captive she had had two daughter and they grew up thinking and telling everyone that they were Jaycee’s sister not their mother.   Their living quarters consisted of a couple of tents in the back yard, they had camping-style bathrooms and shower as well.   They had a privacy fence and lots of tall trees so the neighbors would stay out of their business.   What is really crazy is the police had visited the Garrido’s quite frequently over the years but never gave the backyard more...


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