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When one applies to anything one question always comes up, whether or not one has any job experience. Due to this one can only conclude that job experience is important. Even, when applying to college having a job is very important for the college to understand that one has good time management. Not only is a having a job, at a young age good for time management it is also good for many other reasons, such as learning independence, self confidence, and ownership. These items are very important for the development of an individual and having a job helps shape these greatly. Having a job benefits and individual greatly, and as one grows older these benefits become more evident and more gratifying.
At a young age one can begin even the easiest job, for example, a paper route. From that early age they learn responsibility. They know that in the morning they have to get up at the same time, and complete the task they are being paid for. The receiving of money teaches the child at a young age of ownership, they understand that if they want something their parents are not willing to buy them, they can buy it themselves. This helps the child with independence, and helps the child learn that he can do what he wants, if given the opportunity. Finally, self confidence is learned through being independent. From my experience, earning an allowance was very important to me. With this extra money I could treat myself to something that my parents may not have necessarily bought me. Although my parents were the ones giving me this money, it still felt good knowing that I had earned it. As I had more job experiences, I learned that now having a job has a greater impact on life.
From this early age one learns that you have to work hard in order to gain something. This is very important at this age to know this because they will learn to not take things for granted. If one sees the difficulties of earning money, they will be more thankful for the things that they receive. In...


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