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You don’t know what you got untill it’s gone.
My mom used to do everything for me, even polished my shoes and I never even reply to her with a single thank you. I took all for granted. Never even looked back to what she had to undergo because of me and my needs.
One day when I came home from school, I threw my bag on the sofa and rushed towards the computer. Mom cleaning the mess behind me reached me and said how your day- as schedule- and my same reply was in an irritating voice that the school went normal. She said me to have some rest when I came home from the school but. We would have a huge dispute over this small issue. My end of the argument was that I was not tired, no matter how I was and wanted to play video games, and she said that I looked tired and for the sake of my health I should have some rest. Sometimes I rested and sometimes I ignored her.
Later that day, there came a huge thud like sound from the kitchen. My brother and I rushed to the kitchen to see that everything was ok. It was not ok but it was worse than I can even imagine. My mom fell down and was out cold. My brother called the ambulance and I called my dad to inform him about this situation.
It took sometime but we reached the emergency ward of the hospital. She remained in the emergency ward for about half an hour. We all prayed that she was fine and we can all go back home as a whole family.
Suddenly after some time, the ward door opened and there came the doctor with the awful news that I could hardly bare. He said that my mom was in a coma and was not sure when she was coming out of it. My tears falling down like rain.
I spent hours and hours in prayer for her good health, but no solution came. Sitting beside my mother days after days waiting for that moment when she will wake up, I will hold her so tight and never let go. I only wanted to say thank you to her for all the things she had done for me and promise to her that I would not take anything for granted anymore.


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