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College Football

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Football is a sport which can get more difficult at each level you play. It starts from peewee football, middle school, football, high school football, college football, and then professional football. The two levels that I think are the most difficult to transition is from high school football to college football. It is difficult to transition because of the speed of the game, the different rules, and the experience of the players around you.
The speed of high school football is ten times slower than high college football. In high school it is easier to watch certain plays develop and unfold. You basically had time to think of what you had to do and then do it because the speed of the players and the game was at a decent pace. In college the speed of the players and the game is a lot faster; once you’re on the field you have about .3 seconds to look at a play, know your assignment and complete the play. In college football all twenty-two players on the field are flying around to what seems like one-hundred miles per hour, therefore if you can’t keep up with speed and react fast enough it can lead to injury.
In college football there are different rule changes that may change the way a person may play from when they were in high school. In college the allotted time to play in each quarter is fifteen minutes; unlike high school where the allotted time is ten minutes. Since the game is longer that means that the players have to be in better shape so that they can have enough stamina to last through the game.
The experience of the college football players is a lot different from high school football players. In high school you could be the star of the team or just bigger, faster, and stronger the most of the players on your team; in college there are players who were also the stars of their team and are just as big and strong as you may be if not stronger. The players could be seniors or All-Americans at their position and coming in as a freshman you face the...


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