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RNheals Monthly Journal
January 1-31, 2012
Name: Gemmalyn C. Doَña Municipality/Province: Sta, Maria Ilocos Sur Area of Assingment: ( ) Hospital  
            ( ) Rural Health Unit
January 2-6, 9-13
 Routine clinical consultation
• Regular prenatal check-up
• Administration of scheduled vaccines
• Medication administration as prescribed
 Nebulisation done to a patient with asthma
 Wound cleansing and dressing
 Administration of tetanus toxoid
January 16-20, 23-27
 Routine pre-natal check up
 Regular consultation day
• Taking blood pressure
• Getting weight and temperature
 Dental check-up
 Wound cleansing and dressing
 Medical Mission held at ISPSC Sta. MAria
 We went to Brgy. Ampuagan and Lesseb for vaccines injection.
• BCG,Hep.B,OPV,DPT,AMV vaccines given to children below 1 year old
 Teaching mothers the important of vaccines before administration
January 30-31
 Regular consultation
 Dental check-up
 Pre-natal check-up  Proper time management
 Proper approach to patient is important
 Proper administration of medicines
 Sterile technique is necessary when performing wound cleansing and dressing to prevent infection
 It is important to do back tapping after nebulisation to help loosen the secretion
 Proper monitoring of blood pressure to prevent stroke
 Good communication skills  When weighing patient they don’t remove their slipper
 Pregnant women who gave birth at home
 Cooperation
 Preparedness
 Parents having lots of children even if they have economic problems

 Instructing patient to   remove slipper when weighing to get accurate weight
 The health team   is responsible of letting the mothers understand the risk of giving birth at home
 Being prepared is important so that you will not be in hurry of the things you need to do. We should know our duties and responsibilities.
 By teaching them the...


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