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Management skills for entrepreneurs

Posted on 05 June 2005

What type of manager are you?
The Globalization (and the Internet as we know it today) has an important effect on the entrepreneurs. While 10-15 years ago you had to have an important starting capital, nowadays its far more easy to start a small 1-2 people business. You just need an business idea and enough money to sustain your daily living and moderate company costs for a few months. If the idea and the business itself proves to cover a market need, there is virtually nothing to stop you extend your business and hire some people.

At the exact same moment, when you start hiring people, our entrepreneur automatically becomes a manager. You might not realize, but some of the entrepreneurs have a very hard time communicating with other people, and moreover with a team how needs a leader.

In my professional life so far I have encountered 2 major manager types (even if the management literature has defined more). My “manager types” theory doesn’t follow the management books patterns, they are simple thoughts. My basic types are:
- the Despotic Manager;
- the Collaborative Manager.

While you have probably worked with both so far, it might worth to mention a little on both:
The Despotic Manager has a force position with everybody. He tries to establish impossible deadlines and goals as he think that people will only work best under pressure. His own professional goals are also very high, and he needs the work of the entire team to accomplish his own goals. His words are: “We have to meet the deadline, otherwise we will all need to go home in bankruptcy”

The Collaborative Manager is a completely different type of person and boss. Even if he knows very well his job and has his goals clearly stated, he tries...


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