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Vegetarian Foods Have Good Effects on Health

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Le Cong Minh Tuan

Professor: Pham Quoc Loc

PG12/2011 HCMC

18 th February, 2012

      Vegetarian Foods Have Good Effects on Heath

      It is impossible for human beings to avoid implementing some basic activities such as eating, drinking, breathing, and sleeping. So, eating is seriously thought of as one of the most essential ways that human beings and creatures must do to supply energy for all inevitable activities. It is questionable that human beings were created to eat everything. Eating habits may be one of the reasons which cause disease. Perhaps it is worth having a look at diets for healthy lives. Vegetarian diets help people prevent from illness, although some negative thoughts about this conception still remain in the majority of people‚Äôs minds.

      First of all, it is possible to cast a quick glance at definitions of vegetarianism.   According to a popular definition, vegetarianism consists of the action of use of plant-based foods like fruits and vegetables.   This may be the way that most people do when they want to have vegetarian meals, particularly on lunar days or some solemn events of Buddhism. Apart from this definition, there are more kinds of diet as well. Wikipedia (2011) shows that an ovo- vegetarian diet is served with eggs but without   dairy products; a lacto- vegetarian diet includes dairy products but with no eggs; an ovo-lacto vegetarian diet is a combination of ovo-vegetarian and lacto-vegetarian diets. People who follow this diet can eat eggs and products from milk. And the last one is surely the strictest diet because this one does not allow eaters to eat any sorts of animal products including eggs, dairy and honey. Nowadays not only Buddhists but people belonging to other religions or the heterodox are interested in vegetarian foods. This reason can explain why in recent years, vegetarian restaurants have been widely opened in Ho Chi Minh City. Their choices of vegetarian foods for their meals might have the same...


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