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Geography Assesment Unit 3

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Is Greenwich Peninsula an example of successful urban redevelopment?

Evaluation - 6 Marks – ½ to ¾ page!

|Level 1               |1-2 marks             |The candidate reflects on the effectiveness of the investigation and the methods|
|                       |                       |used to collect information. Suggestions are made indicating how such an enquiry|
|                       |                       |might be improved.                                                               |
|Level 2               |3-4   marks             |The candidate fulfils the requirements for Level 1. Specific problems relating   |
|                       |                       |to the methods used to collect the information are identified. Reference is made|
|                       |                       |explaining how these problems may have affected the results.                     |
|Level 3               |5-6 marks             |The candidate fulfils the requirements for Level 2. The effect of problems with |
|                       |                       |the methods and results on the validity of the conclusions is discussed.         |

Reliability – How trustworthy are the results?   Were there any problems in the data collection process?

Validity – How accurate are the conclusions drawn?   Were there any problems with the results generated?

• Photos
• Environmental survey
• Landuse map and services tally of the study site
• Traffic and pedestrian counts
• Secondary data

(1) What were the problems with each method (do each method in turn – if time was an issue for all only say it once)

➢ Look at each method and consider the problems encountered (subjective, sample size, time, weather and frequency)

(2) Describe ways you could improve your methods (if the solution was the same for all say   it once)

➢ Repeats/averages, different days, subjective, cameras, time limit and quality of secondary data

(3) Describe how any problems with the...


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