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Film Review-Limitless

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Film review
        One of the latest science fictions films-Limitless, based on the novel by Alan GlynnFilm by Neil Burger who is quite popular not just as a director, but also as a writer and producer. The film came out on 23 March 2011 in UK and from the first week become very popular. It has very successful screenplay by Leslie Dixon whose decade to choose Bradley Cooper (Eddie Morra) as a main actor.
Limitless is about a writer (Eddie), who discovers a top-secret drug which bestows him with super human abilities. Eddie Mora-lazy author forever trying to complete his book while meandering through life. He spends few months at home but it doesn’t helps. Then on the street he meets Veron (Johnny Whitworth)-the brother of his ex-Melissa (Anna Friel), who introduces him to a whole new drug, which later calls NZT. New drug gets all neurons in your brain firing like gangbusters.   Few tablets help him to complete his book in three days. Unfortunately as with all drugs the high doesn’t last forever, and Eddie understood that he need more drug, but when he come to the Verons house, he found him dead. He starts searching for tablets and finally fined a big pack of NZT tablets. Then he starts new life. Everything become very easy for his mind and in few months he earned lots of money. Then Eddie finds out that the end result of the drug is a far cry from the start and he understood that he must do something if he doesn’t want to die as all other user of NZT did.
I was sceptical at first about this movie, which is why I didn't go see it the week it came out. Limitless is a great movie with plenty of twist and turns many will enjoy. (the movie is a combination of stimulating, playful and a little half-baked, it remains a great idea and keeps reviving itself with gratifying jolts of energy and ispiration). Most funny think about this film is that after it comes to the cinema and DVD a lot of people started searching of drug NZT. What I enjoyed most is that finally...


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