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Moder Art

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Modern Art & Ideas

  I. What Is Modern Art?
  A. Two Slides
  1. Raphael—“The Marriage Of The Virgin” (1504)
  2. Renoir—“Luncheon Of The Boating Party” (1881)

Comparison of Both Works

  B. What happened to the world in the 19th Century?
  1. Industrial Revolution (1880-1910)
  a. Major advancements in science and technology
  b. Radically changed how people lived their lives forever because previously civilized life was agrarian based and most people were peasants; the rest were royals & monarchs, and the rest were priests and members of the clergy
  c. Invention of the printing press in Germany by Guttenburg was a major catalyst because it brought books to the masses
  d. Turned the world into an industrial, urban world where the focus is on the secular and science and technology advancement and implementation.
  C. Artists & Scientists Of This Period
  1. Both looking at the world and analyzing it but one is examining it intellectually (scientists) and the other examining it emotionally (artists).
  2. Center of the art world was Paris
  a. Louis XVI set traditional formal standards (idealized and heroic subjects and messages with moral overtones, not religious ones) which remained the status quo until the 19th Century when these ideals began to be questioned and then fall apart.
  D. American Industrial Revolution
  1. Occurred after the Civil War
  2. Launched the start of the urban crawl away from rural life into cities marking the inception of modernism in America.  

MODERN ART-->   The response to the new changes around the artists in society at the time after the Industrial Revolution

Note:   Research “The Fate of The Empire” By Thomas Cole (Depicts the rise and fall of civilizations over time)


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