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The Qur'an expresses images in a more figurative, lighter way to help the reader understand better. These images help keep the reader intact to what is happening. Images such as a straight path moreover the blazing fire. Along this path it is possible to experience bumps and even stray of the path of life. It is very likely to fail to understand the importance of maintaining a good walk with the Lord then it will lead to a path of blazing fire. We will face trials along this path, but God will guide anyone throughout the journey.
    The straight path gives us strong images in our minds to help us understand that we will not go without help from our God. The lord will guide and walk with people through the path. Curves on the road are to hinder you from progressing with your walk with God. Curves such as trials as well as difficult times   will have to strive to get through. The path shows good and righteous ways as well as bad and corrupt ways, but ultimately is your decision to choose the right path.
    Sinning is one of the easiest ways to stray away from the righteous path. The path of sinning is also one of the ways to harden your heart and lose your love for God. Sin is be of hindrance to most people from walking this straight path with their Lord. Loosing sight of what they were intending to do. This path will lead only straight into the blazing fire.

    The blazing fire gives the strong feeling of nonphysical burning, but you suffer the pain. The fastest way to this ending is sinning. A hardened heart and denial will send you into this torment. They will regret straying away from the straight path and going into the sinner's lane. The Lord warned these people about this cruel path, but still they did not listen. We are only supposed to worship him rather then worshipping our own worldly desire's.

    The Lord of the universe is a very compassionate and merciful God. Even if you stray from the path you will still be forgiven if you...


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