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“Each friend represents a world in us, a word possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that new world is born” (Anais Nin). Friends are very essential to our lives. When we are sad, mad, or even ready to give up they are there to encourage us. What makes someone the ultimate best friend?   Being optimistic in unfortunate situations is the number one quality a best friend should posse. Having an ambitious mind set with the drive to aspire is a must have in any good friend. Lastly, being alert in dangerous situations is a very important quality a best friend should obtain. My best friend is the ultimate best friend because; she possesses the following quality’s having ambition, being alert, and being very optimistic.
The first good quality that comes to mind that my best friends possesses is ambition. Ambition is being eagerly desirous to obtain success, wealth, and power. For example, my best friend was only a senior in high school when she opened her own boutique. Although, she was still in school that didn’t stop her from opening her boutique, she was determined. I was very impressed and proud of her when she made this accomplishment. Each day she worked hard to be successful in school and run a successful business. It took her long days and many late nights, but she was persistent in getting the necessary work done. Moreover, with her having to jungle with school work and business work she still managed to graduate at the top of her class.
In addition to being ambitious my best friend is very alert. Alert means to be fully aware and attentive. Being alert is an important quality that I lack. However my best friend makes up for that, and is my eyes when I cannot see.   For example, my best friend saved me from a tragic car accident by being alert. Being a distracted driver, I was texting and driving when I almost ran into a semi-truck. However, my best friend was fully aware and was able to warn me before the accident accrued. I was...


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