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How to Build a Simple Wind Turbine

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The Petroleum Institute
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Department of Mechanical Engineering
MED Project I Fall 2010
MEEG 490

Final Report: Designing and building a wind turbine

Mentor: | | Kamal E. Amin |
Instructors: | | Sai Cheong Fok |
| | Lyes Khezzar |
| | Isoroku Kubo |

Names | | ID Number | | Signature |
Ali Ashraf Mohamed | | 92001-3226 | | |
Mohamed Ahmed Radwan | | 92001-2857 | | |
Mohamed Fareed Al- Wahedi | | 92001-2310 | | |
Saeed Ahmed Saeed Othman Al Wahedi | | 92001-2280 | | |
Ahmed Mostafa Elsayed | | 92001-2479 | | |
Malik Sarieh | | 92001-2370 | | |
Majeed Al- Badani | | 92001-1376 | | |
Mohamed Rashed Al- Naqbi | | 92001-1401 | | |

“We pledge that we have neither given nor received any unauthorized assistance on this project”
Executive Summary
The scope of the project was to design and build a prototype wind turbine that can convert the wind kinetic energy safely into electrical energy which can be used to power a100W electrical device. In this report an introduction and background research is discussed after intensive research was conducted. The outcomes of the research lead to select three conceptual designs that are based on different models and specifications. Two of the concept designs were based on the Danish concept of wind turbines and some slight modifications were added like the number of blades and the design of the base. The last concept design was a new unusual design that is based on planes jet concepts. An evaluation matrix was done in order to select the most appropriate design. Also different software’s were used in order to find out different parameters that were used in the design of the wind turbine. After the evaluation matrix was done and some additional calculations and researches conductedit was found that 3-unit Danish design concept was the most appropriate design that best satisfies the objectives and the constraint of the project. The...


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