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Abraham Lincoln - Essay 6

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Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865).

Abraham Lincoln was the sixteenth President of the United States. He was born in Kentucky in 1809. His father, Thomas, was a carpenter and farmer who moved his family to a backwoods Indiana log cabin. This happened when Lincoln was seven years old. When Abraham was nine years of age, his mother Nancy died. It was said that she died from drinking soiled milk from a cow that had eaten a poisonous plant.

A year after the death of his wife Nancy, Lincoln's father, Thomas, had remarried to a woman named Sarah.Like Abraham and his father, Sarah was also from Kentucky. She was a mother of three children at the time, and she was always a great stepmother to Lincoln. For one year only, Abraham Lincoln had attended a one-room cabin school. It turned out to be the only formal education that he would receive.During his childhood, Abraham developed a love from reading, and he had often read at night by the fire.

Abe’s love for reading sometimes pushed him to walk miles just to borrow a book.For his age, Lincoln was considered a tall boy who stood out in class. More than often he had helped his father on the farm which is where he developed his skill of log splitting. His family had moved to Illinois when he was 20 years old. By the time Abe had reached 21 years of age he’d already worked as a rail splitter, a postmaster, storekeeper, and a surveyor. As an adult Abe was considered very tall compared to other men his age, and had often stood out in crowded areas.

Some say that Abe Lincoln had been great at telling stories, which would later add to one of his many charismatic skills as President.Abe had lost his first election when he had run for legislature. After losing his first election, Abe became a lawyer and had moved to the capitol of Illinois. While in Illinois, Abraham Lincoln had married a women by the name of Mary Todd, which is who would bear Abe his five sons. Only one of Abe’s children had lived long enough to reach...


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