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A Girl's Best Friend

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Kiyanna Howard
Mrs. Dailey
English I Honors
17 November, 2011
A Girl’s Best Friend
After three months dreading by so silently and so monotonously, such a surprise had illuminated my seemingly gray day to a blinding yellow. Roughly sixty days had lagged by since the awful monster by the name of Breast Cancer had taken his final hit on Kizzie, our latest canine kin. The year-long battle had left our once warm, loving home cold and deserted of all good feeling. Devastation welcomed himself into the house and invited anguish into me, my mother, my father, and my sisters’ hearts. Many mornings were filled with mourning. Many afternoons were filled with gloom. As Kizzie abandoned a hole in my heart, it was consumed with pain, but also consumed with hope: hope for a new love, hope for somebody to bring it, anybody to, anything to.
After a dusty October day, I’d dragged my backpack off the school bus that forced me home every day. My brain awakened as I noticed my mother’s car was unusually already stationed in the pavement leading to our house….. Why was she home so early? The thought faded in my mind.
Sliding into the house and up the defeating flight of stairs, I observed my mother rapidly moving from room to room, loud music playing, and my father singing. What is this, I wondered. My tired, dull home had transformed. The mood was happy; the energy was there.
“How was school?” my mother yelled from the room from which she glided.
“Fine,” I murmured.
From his bedroom, I heard my father request, “Can someone hand me my house shoes?”
“Could you?” my mother signaled towards their room as she swerved pass me and into another room.
I trudged in to find the shoes when I discovered so much more. Finally, there lay assurance that my hope was not wasted. The world finally seemed open, again, as I stood gasping at my new happiness-- a puppy asleep atop the slippers! Everything appeared to glow fluorescently! Looking out the windows, every cloud became a sun....


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