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Coming from a rural town in West Virginia, I was accustomed to the preaching’s about the evils of money. It is what causes poverty. It is the motive behind many crimes. Money brings out the greed in humans. It is a common belief that money is a negative thing in people’s lives but this may not be the case.
Before we delve into the debate of the evils of money we must first understand what by definition money is. According to dictionary.com money is “A current medium of exchange”. In other words it is a tool. Its intentions aren’t evil because it has none. As a tool it is subject to the will of man and it is in the will of man that lies its motive. Money is merely a medium of exchange. We trade it for goods and services.
So why are people so quick to blame money for their troubles? In the article ‘Is Money Evil’ by fearlessdreams.com they provide a great example.
“Money is an amplifier, money is a high powered tool. Take an old machine that’s just barely holding itself together. Run it at a slow speed using a low power fuel, and the machine can hold itself together and keep moving in an orderly way. But give it powerful fuel, and run it at full speed, and all the machines imperfections are exaggerated. The machine becomes unstable and tears itself apart”
In other words, if someone doesn’t know how to utilize money as a tool it can be dangerous. The pursuit of money can cloud your reasoning, goals shift to the pursuit of money instead of how it could be used.


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