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Some people held the view that students should take the subject which are decided by university while others proclaim that student are free to choose subject .There are my opinions below.

It is very clear that schools limit students to choosing subject is unreliable . When young people grow up to college. College is a big time to train themselves. So choosing the subject is the first step to examine students in the future path. Providing that how students take the subject , they probably can’t gain what they want or what they should learn from college life, completely.

On the other hand, it’s undeniable that students have the right to take a suitable course. It’s not only makes students be more thoughtful and   critical, but also influence their society in school. As long as students learn that ability, they can handle the tough problems with their own thoughts.

However, I feel that students are definitely free to select subject they like. The reason is if students chose subject which were forced by university. It might be noted that they will lose their interests in the class. Meanwhile, students suddenly figure out that have been wasting lots of time   to learn. Furthermore, nowadays people are entitled to show their consideration in campus or education system. I think that   governments should do a better job to improving and devloping education detail. A good way is that government can provide several means   lets students can find out what their fit in personality.


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