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Who Rules on Issues of the Law

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Alana Kelly
Family Law
Homework Module 6

1.   What parts of a dissolution decree are modifiable and what parts are not modifiable? Why are some parts modifiable and others not? Property distribution awards are not modifiable neither is alimony that is provided in a lump sum. There has been some small instances where a court has granted a party’s motion to modify a term of a dissolution decree that was originally deemed no modifiable. The parties originally agreed to the terms so to justify a request for a modification there must be a significant change of circumstances and it can only apply to current and future actions
2.   Discuss the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Act and the remedies it provides.
Under this act if a noncustodial parent took child wild under the custodial parents control and then failed to return the child after the visitation period ended the custodial parent had the right to have law enforcement officials in the other jurisdiction arrest the noncustodial parent. It has resulted in fewer kidnappings. It also prohibits a new state from modifying an existing custody decision. It also allows prosecutors to pursue criminal actions if a parent violated a criminal law in the process of taking the child.
3.   What is the obligation of a state child protection agency?
They have obligation protect children.   When parents fail to provide a safe and nurturing environment for their children intervenes to protect the children. The state possesses the authority for such action under the legal doctrine of parens patriae. This doctrine gives the state the right to protect children. The state must first have reason believe to the child need their help.
4.   What is the role of the state child protection agency in investigating allegations of child abuse and neglect?
Every state has a child protection agency that is charged with intervening in a family unit when neglect is known or suspected. The agency receives complaints from various sources...


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