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Marikina City

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Over the past several years, Marikina City has always been viewed as a pleasant and environment-friendly community. As you wander around the place, you would notice the lush green trees along the streets, clean and smooth roads, disciplined and responsive neighbourhood, highly skilled workforce, and communal projects such as the bike lanes and public toilets. However, it is no secret that in some places of this city lies a very disturbing environmental concern.

This photo was taken in Tumana, Marikina. As we all know, Brngy. Tumana is one of the most deprived and impecunious areas in the city of Marikina. I chose this village because I want the people to realize that their perception about how exquisite and splendid Marikina City is, isn’t real. Indeed, Marikina was known as one of the most industrialized and advanced city in the country. In addition to that, it was once known as the cleanest city in Metro Manila. However, everything isn’t always what it seems. I am not trying to ruin the city’s reputation to the people. Rather, I am helping them to be sensible enough with regards to the profound problems of their community so as to improve their deficiencies.
Personally, I think that Marikina City has not maintained their wholesome image. As I can see it, Marikeños aren’t doing their best to keep the city clean; it is as if they are not eager to keep their title. Moreover, I think that their municipality focuses more on the advanced and established areas. They continue to enhance the places that don’t need further amendments instead of paying attention to the underprivileged sectors of their town. The road in some areas in the village of Tumana aren’t cemented or paved. As you can see in the picture above, the footpath is filled with filth, mud and trash. And this concerns me a lot since there are children living in the vicinity. An unsanitary environment could largely affect one’s well-being especially for a child.   With this kind of environment, children,...


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