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Free Public Transporty

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Environment – Free public transport would be more environmentally friendly because it would reduce the number of cars on the road and seeing as global warming is a serious issue in the world we should be sporting any act that would decrease the problems that are creating global warming. A public transport system with 20 trains could take 40,000 cars off the road. Some people would simply choose to not own cars, further reducing the number of cars on the road. Across dozens of cities in a nation and thousands world-wide, the result of free public transport would be dramatic in cutting vehicle emissions and combating global warming.
Free public transport being paid for by the government – The governments job is to provide services for the public free public transport should not be an exception. Taxes already pay for health care, schools and roads and many more facilities, so why not let taxpayers see the benefits for themselves in a useful service that everyone can use.
More Jobs – With increased and better transport if it became free we would need more bus and train drivers which would create more jobs and also this would mean that people could make it work faster and not have to pay for petrol or transport fare every day.
The Government – With more users bad public transport networks would be improved by the government.
More users – If people of the public were offered free transport of course they are going to use it, some people may stick to their cars but a majority would think that it is a great idea and take the opportunity.


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