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Alcohol - Essay 6

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Most people don’t have a defining personal moment dealing with state liquor laws. but I do. During the turmoil that ensued, I learned to be civically engaged and stand up for things that I believe in. I also learned the importance of alcohol laws. The cultural aspects of alcohol consumption are so varied in the United States that state regulation and local governmental control of alcohol are absolutely necessary to ensure the public safety. My Sunday school teacher was right in some ways. If there were no alcohol laws and regulations at all, it would most likely create a massive public safety hazard. Underage drinking and drunk driving are serious safety concerns that our laws must address. Alcohol has been around for a long time, and as a necessary result, laws regulating its production and use are ancient.

Even though the alcohol that was on the counter wasn’t mine I am 21 years old and legal to drink, but having a an open alcohol bottle of wine on the counter in my apartment where not everybody in the household is of legal age to drink is wrong. I seen the bottle on the table a couple of days before and I didn’t say anything to my roommate about it because I thought it would be removed within an acceptable amount of time or the person who left it in our room would come back and get it. When the ladies came to check our rooms I didn’t know the bottle on the table would be a problem but after reading the living on campus handbook I learned that everybody in your room must be 21 years of age or older to have alcohol in the apartment.

After being reported to the residential life by the RAs I had to set up a meeting with a guy to get the matter settled. When I met with him the first time all I had to do was give a written statement on what happen, who’s bottle was it and who were the parties involved. Of course I didn’t know whose bottle of wine it was until after I ask my roommate about it.

Universities and public health officials can help state lawmakers...


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