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Stereotyping and It’s Effects

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Stereotyping and It’s Effects

Crystal Jackman

PHI Informal Logic

Philip Bence

January 23, 2012

When I was 19, my brother worked at a factory that made magazines and flyers. He worked in the bailing room. This is where all the extra paper clippings went. It blew into a big boxed in area, and then outside that area was a paper bailer. This bailer bailed huge bricks of paper. I forget how much they weighed. If I believe correctly it was approximately a couple thousand pounds each. For the job you picked up piles of paper than put it in the bailer. After being bailed it was secured with metal straps, and then moved. The thing my brother said that was neat about this job was you bailed one bail and took an half hour break each time. So you worked half hour on, half hour off. Plus, the boss wasn’t around much and they had their own radio. It seems better then to work hard and continuously for 12 hours straight, with only a couple breaks. I applied for the job. My brother told me who to talk to. He called me in for an interview and he said, “So you want to work in the bailing room,” and laughed. I did get hired but I think it was as a joke. The job took physical stamina and I don’t think he thought a girl could handle it. I started working and every time he would walk into the bailing room he would look at me and laugh. After a while on the job he seemed to stop laughing.   The job is an extremely demanding job. You are making two thousand pound bails and moving them. I think he thought women’s bodies are not made for heavy labor and heavy labor is for men. Therefore Crystal is ignorant for wanting to try and will fail doing this job. I believe he thought it was also going to be fun watching. Reasons this argument is off. For one thing the two thousand pound bails we move with a fork lift which takes no muscle. The second argument is that when you pick up the paper your only picking up what you can fit between your arms and it was shredded. I didn’t think...


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