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Andy Goldworthly

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Jon Cooke
Video 5
November 14, 2011

Andy Goldsworthly
While I was watching the video, I kind of thought this guy was a little silly and I’m going to tell you what information, I got from watching this awesome video. Yayy!
At the beginning of the video about Andy Goldsworthly, he states that the River and the sea have a huge effect to his art work. Most of the time he spent near the river, where you would study the flow and then create a piece of art work would basically have the same flow.   This guy is a freaken early bird! I don’t see how he does it!!   Andy always has obsession thoughts that he can’t never get rid of and he believe it is just what an artist does in order to create that are work. He is a type of person, when   he goes to a new place , city, town , or area ; he gets right to work on his research on what he plans to do. During the winter time, Andy Goldsworthly prefers to work with his bare hand to get that better feel for the piece of art. Also, along with working with his bare hand , it better to touch! So that is why he likes working bare hands. Andy believes that water makes a solid and anything could be made from nature.
There was two main pieces that I liked about his work was the egg dome shape and his stick cave or at least that’s what I call it!   The first one is the egg shape one, where he got up early and built it by using stones. He started off small and when it got to the middle it was big then back to small. When the tide came closer to shore where is art work was , it would completely be cover by water. After   the tide back away from it , the art work would be showing again. Andy creates his work as a gift to the sea or river, and that they will eventually so called create more just like it according to Mr. Goldsworthly!   The second one I want to talk about is the stick cave/ hunt or whatever you call it! Andy basically uses sticks to build it , so that way when the tide came into the are where he build it ; it would slowly...


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