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“Doctors Have Great Responsibility to Improve the Health Condition of the Country”

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Great philosophers have stated that a doctor has neither enemy nor any friend for all those who seek help from him / her are his patients and it’s his duty to everything that can be done to save life of the patients. Even before the inventions of complex machines like MRI, CT-scans and many other such devices doctors have been reliving people from their pain. Doctors belonging to Aurveda and different medical techniques had been in service to cure people before even rise of modern Allopathy which involve different chemicals.   Thus they are always engaged in service of people that they can hardly spare leisure period or even enjoy personal moments with their families. Therefore their commitment has made many miracles in life of many people and improves one of the most important infrastructures of the country-health.
Great doctors like Edward Jenner had done much for the world by creating vaccines against small pox. Although small pox may be referred as a minor disease, easily curable but had doctors like Edward Jenner not discovered such vaccine many people would have died from today’s minor disease which had taken form of an epidemic in 18th century Britain. Similarly other doctors have also greatly contributed in discovery of different medications, vaccines, machines and so on. Not only this, doctors are always engaged day and night for their patients without hesitations.
Moreover, doctors of twenty-first century are far more capable and devoted towards their work. They now possess best medicines and equipments that enable them to perform their work more efficiently. Although the number of diseases are also rapidly increasing due to the ill effects of radiation, natural imbalance, chemicals and new types of microorganisms creating a great threat to human existence but to counter these sorts of problems doctors are trying from heart and soul. The new inventions and medications are enabling doctors in this great mission.
    However, the profession of doctor is...


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