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Importance of Hr's Role in Management

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HR’s role has often been seen as peripheral when it comes to corporate governance. It examines its role and investigates how HR can make a meaningful and more strategic contribution to corporate governance within organizations. Now that the dust has settled from the corporate governance crises of the past few years, government and business have had some time to try and address the underlying problems that often lead to corporate governance problems. Corporate governance requirements can often be satisfied when it comes to the letter of the law, but the spirit of the law is another matter altogether. Much has been said and written about cultural change of late. After the corporate governance disasters of companies a strong correlation was found between a failure to embrace the spirit of corporate governance and deep-seated organizational culture problems. It is widely accepted that CEO and executive behavior, attitudes and values determine organizational culture – no matter how many mission or value statements HR plasters on the walls. Mention cultural change to the leaders of such organizations and we should be met with blank stares, folded arms or rolling eyes. This resistance to change is probably the biggest chink in an organization’s corporate governance amour. Corporate governance is an issue that encompasses an entire organization, but without a supportive executive, HR will most likely be sidelined. When it comes to corporate governance, HR is often the victim of a vicious cycle. Because it lacks business perspective, HR lacks credibility within the organization. But without credibility, HR often has trouble getting a foot in the door of business opportunities. In Bangladesh prospective HR play an important role to maintain the corporate Governance but they should well trained that they can prove their position


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