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Population Growth

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Population growth and its effects are having a great impact on our world today; it is increasing dramatically.   It is having massive global effects on economy and there are social aspects in which governments across the world are struggling to deal with.   This increase will not only have an effect on us now, it will have negative impact on generations to come if we cannot find a method of contoling the situation.   There are several factors worth noting such as restrictions of economic expansion, employment, labour supply, pension schemes and even health care.   The estimated population by 2050 will be highlighted throughout three contrasting countries; the United Kingdom, China and Zimbabwe.  
Throughout the twentieth century the world population has seen some dramatic growths.   The total world population has increased from 1.6 billion at the beginning of the century to 7 billion in 2012 (worlddometers.info, 2012).   As seen in table 1 the rate of population growth is higher in certain countries compared to others.   In the United Kingdom the total population is 62.7 million with a percentage growth of 0.4 in comparison with Zimbabwe which currently has 12.1 million in population with a percentage growth of 15.   This is a perfect example of comparing population in a developed region with the population in an undeveloped region.   In Zimbabwe couples are having more children, since the chances of them reaching adult age is very low.   The percentage of population under the age of 25 is 44% in comparison to 4% reaching the age of 65 and above (see table 1). In the United Kingdom the situation is the polar oposite with couples having less children than they did 30 years ago due to improved levels of contraception and a change in social opinion resulting in fertilty decreasing (referencece.
Altough the birthrate is increasing we also should not that life expectancy is increasing at the same time.   The world has never seen as aged a population as we have now.   It is...


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